6330 Soda Bay Road, Soda Bay, Kelseyville CA 95451


Magnificent Soda Bay on Clear Lake, Lake County, California. Imagine spending summer and/or weekends on the shore of this lovely lake! Water sports abound. A dock to moor your boat, boat ramp to enter this lovely bay and 100 miles of shoreline for a putter around the lake. view from deck

The Lakewood Resort can offer you a shady space for your mobile or RV. Only fifteen minutes from Lakeport, the county seat with its many lovely little shops; seven minutes away from Konocti Harbor Inn, 'home' of many wonderful musical events. Biking trails abound in this county.

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These pictures show some of the trailers now gracing the park and we have quiet shady space for yours. No noisy freeways nearby, just peace and tranquility. Future plans include B&B rooms with lake views; an English pub with 'pub grub' and a lovely meeting/small party room.


Leave your RV here for an inexpensive weekend getaway. Fish off the dock.

Just a 7-minute drive to the Konocti Harbor Resort and Spa.

Clear Lake is warm [almost 80 degrees late summer] and perfect for swimming and all water sports.

Just a pleasant 2-hour drive from the bay area. We have only a handful of stoplights in the whole county. A place where the pace of life is a little bit slower and very relaxing for the whole family.


If you like looking at the stars, I would bet you have never seen them as brilliant as they are in Lake County. They twinkle with mystery and you can almost reach up and touch them. The Taylor Planetarium and Observatory is situated in Kelseyville which will give a private showing for very small groups. space

Local attractions include: antiques, water sports, bicycling, bird watching, planetarium, wineries, casinos, specialty lake county tours, concerts, rock hounding, museums, cultural arts, farm trails, hiking, horse back riding, fishing, hot spots, bait, tackle, golf.

CLEAR LAKE It's a shallow lake, averaging about 30 feet. Some of the deepest spots are actually vents to soda and hot springs originating deep within the Earth. Journey to the Soda Baths within paddling distance and experience natural hot springs coming up from the bottom of the lake which are surrounded by rocks. Use at your own risk, however.


Lake County 'Diamonds' (Moon Tears)
Lake County "diamonds", also called "Moon Tears", are semi-precious stones of volcanic origin found nowhere else in the world. While not equal in hardness to real diamonds (7.5 - 8 compared to a diamonds 10) Lake County diamonds have been used commercially and are capable of cutting glass. They are highly prized for collectors and can be faceted and polished to make beautiful jewelry, which are almost as brilliant as real diamonds.

According to one Indian legend a Pomo Indian Chieftain and the Moon fell in love. The Moon could not stay with the Chieftain because she was needed by the people to light the night sky and mark the seasons. She was so sad to leave the Chieftain that she wept "Moon Tears" which became Lake County diamonds.

Mt. Konocti
From the Fire Tower atop 4200-foot Mt. Konocti you can see the entire lake. It is a sacred place to local Indian tribes and can be seen from almost any place on Clear Lake.

At the base of Mt. Konocti, along Soda Bay Road, you'll find 2 golf courses, numerous small resorts, old lava quarries, Clear Lake State Park, the town of Kelseyville, the Konocti Harbor Resort & Spa, and many other attractions.

Clear Lake State Park
Clear Lake State Park, just a mile away, has 300 acres of land at the foot of Mt. Konocti. Campgrounds, nature trails, fishing, swimming, boating and cycling are some of the activities offered. There is a Visitor Center with interpretive displays. (800) 444-7275


There are four Indian Casinos in Lake County:

Robinson Rancheria Bingo & Casino Located in Upper Lake and the only high-stakes casino in Lake County. (800) 809-3636

Konocti Vista Casino Features a classic 1950's theme near Lakeport. (800) FUN-1950

Twin Pine Casino Lake County's newest casino is located off Highway 29 just a few miles south of Middletown. It is open 24 hours and has a Game Room for children. (707) 987-0197

The Elm Casino On the east side of the lake.

Chamber of Commerce space

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