Lakeside Inn
6330 Soda Bay Rd
Kelseyville CA 95451
707 279 1620


The nicest reception room in the Clear Lake area


Our Lakeside Room overlooks Clear lake on 3 sides and creats a breath taking vista backdrop for your wedding and or reception. The ceromy can be in the Lakeside Room or on the lawn next to the lake. The Lakeside room is the perfect location for the reception, seating up to 50 guests. We can provide all the food and drinks, you control the planning, protocol, and decoration.



Only fifteen minutes from Lakeport, the county seat with its many lovely little shops; 4 miles away from Konocti Harbor Resort & Spa, 'home' of many wonderful musical events. Seven miles to the casino. Biking trails abound in this county.

View from the lake

Guests can stay in our Lakeview Bed & Breakfast rooms.

Just a pleasant 2-hour drive from the bay area. We have only a handful of stoplights in the whole county. A place where the pace of life is a little bit slower and very relaxing for the whole family.


Upstairs, the "Lakeside Inn Pub" in Kelseyville is a reproduction of the Pub "Lakeside Inn" in Southport England, which is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the smallest pub in Britain. For more information . Click Here

Families are welcome. Come by road or by boat.

Address 6330 Soda Bay Road, Soda Bay, Kelseyville CA 95451. Phone 707 279 1620


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