Lakeside Inn Pet Policy

scoty dog

The Lakeside Inn is happy to have your pet stay with you with the following conditions:

1. You must have prior approval to bring your pet and accurately describe the pet and its behavior.

2. Your pet must be well behaved.

3. You may not leave your pet alone in the room.

4. You must accept responsibility for any damages including excrement, flees, damage.

5. Your pet may not be on the bed at any time.

6. You must bring with you all supplies, bedding, food, food containers, leash etc.

7. You must pick up after your pet immediately.

8. Your pet must be restrained while outside at all times [even for a few moments].

9. If your pet is noisy, we reserve the right to terminate your stay immediately and with no refunds.

10. We reserve the right to add new policies without notice.

11. We charge $10 per pet, per night extra.

12. Your pet is welcome to swim unrestrained in the lake but must be completely dry before entering your room. You must use your own towel and restrain your pet too and from the lake.

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