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Welcome to CCSO Kids -- a web site created just for you!

I'm your tour guide. Together, we'll discover some exciting things about the Columbia County Sheriff's Office. You will also learn how to stay safe while you're having fun. I'll tell you what to do in an emergency, how to "surf safely" on the Internet, and even how to deal with the neighborhood bully.

Are you ready to explore and have fun? Let's get started!

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Cool Stuff to Know

Calling for help
None of us handle emergencies every day. In fact, even grown-ups aren't always sure what to do. You can save someone's life if you do two things: first, stay calm! Second, call 9-1-1 right away.
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If There's a Fire
All fires need three things: fuel, heat and oxygen. Fuel is the material that burns. Heat can come from lots of places including a lit match or candle, a kitchen stove, or a cigarette. Oxygen is in the air around us and a big supply will make the
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Internet safety
Isn't it fun to explore the Internet? It has everything from cool games to information that can help you get an "A" on your homework. Millions of kids like you surf the 'net every day. But, be careful if you enter chat rooms. People don't
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Uh-oh, I'm lost!
It happens to almost every kid at least once-you're in a store, looking at a new toy or game, then suddenly you look up and Mom or Dad is gone! You're lost! What should you do?
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Stand up to bullies
Does another kid pick on you all the time? Call you names, try to trip you, take your things without permission, or push you? Sounds like you're dealing with a bully!
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Kids Like You

Water Safety

Did you know that children can drown in as little as one inch of water?

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